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Elyssa's upbeat personality put me at ease immediately. I struggle with high anxiety and Elyssa turned out to be just the right fit for me.She was warm, understanding and non-judgmental, and her genuine authenticity made me feel really comfortable and able to talk to her. Her coaching style was professional and effective, and our sessions helped me discover strengths I didn't even realize I had! Her way of goal setting helped me figure out the direction I wanted to go in and her commitment to helping me achieve those goals has been such a gift. My confidence in myself has grown and its not just something that I feel, but other people have noticed as well. Thank you Elyssa!!

-Sharon W.

Software Engineer

Santa Monica, CA

Making the decision to sign up for coaching was a huge turning point in my life. Elyssa guided me through some really tough situations I was going through. The insights, strategies, and amazing support I received from her were beyond valuable. After the first three months with her, I've been able to reduced my stress, and I now have a more clearly defined and meaningful vision for my future and the future of my business. This coaching journey has been worth every moment!

-Kevin P.

Small Business Owner

Portland, Oregon

Working with Elyssa is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I have a demanding career and the stress was really taking a toll on me. Elyssa has been incredible in helping me manage that stress and regain my work-life balance. The techniques she's taught me and her ability to explain things in such a relatable way has me finally feeling more confident in myself! Plus, I've learned how to prioritize self-care even with my busy schedule, which has honestly been a god-send. I'm so grateful for all her help and guidance.

-Emily S.

Marketing Coordinator

NYC New York

Running a business is no joke! I was struggling with high levels of stress, self-doubt, and a pretty much a non existent work-life balance. Having Elyssa as my coach has been a game changer for me! She was able to guide me through stress reduction strategies, help me recognize and work on my impostor syndrome, and find a work-life balance that fits me and my needs. Thanks to her help I'm now making more confident decisions in my business and enjoying my personal life again. This coaching journey has  brought a new level of  success and happiness into my life. I can't wait to see what else I can accomplish with Elyssa's support.

-Luke A.


Los Angeles, CA

 When I found Elyssa I was having a really hard time with pretty much everything. I'm a small business owner and I was facing financial difficulties and challenging personal issues. I signed up for Elyssa's 3 month coaching package and it absolutely changed my life! Elyssa helped me revitalize my business with fresh strategies and a new outlook, and I couldn't be more grateful for her advice. Beyond that, the coaching experience with her has been incredibly transformative. Elyssa taught me how to shift my thinking and how to look at challenges as an opportunity to get better at something and improve my life, while leaning into my strengths for support. I'm no longer frustrated and stressed all the time. I've even started reconnecting with my family. Elyssa has definitely changed my life for the better.

-John B.

Small Business Owner

Las Vegas, NV

I have made bigger shifts in one week than I have in the past two years thanks to what Elyssa has taught me! Change is really scary and hard sometimes, but what Elyssa has helped me realize is that trying to ignore my discomfort is even harder! Her natural ability to come alongside me and hear my challenges, but then also challenge me to take the right step for my future is so spot-on. Finding the confidence to follow my dreams and launch my business would not have been as productive or successful had she not helped me rise above my limiting beliefs and take meaningful action towards my passion. 

-Ilaria C.


Los Angeles, CA

I was skeptical at first, but now I really can't believe all the progress I've made in just two months of working with Elyssa!  I started off with a breakthrough session just so I could  save myself some time in handling my stress and burnout. I figured I could learn a few quick strategies and maybe get some good advice on how to better manage my day to day life. Let me tell you, that first session was an eye opener for me. The ah-ha moments I experienced with her were mind-blowing and the results I got were so amazing that after our first session I decided to continue on with weekly coaching. Elyssa has helped me regain control over my life and her ongoing support has helped me improve my business, boost my confidence, and shift my mindset dramatically.. I'm really excited to keep working with her!

-Justin L.

Small Business Owner

Bakersfield, CA

I can honestly say that coaching with Elyssa has changed my life dramatically! She's compassionate and kind, and just has this way of making you feel so comfortable in talking to her. She's really knowledgable too, her way of explaining not just concepts or strategies but also  why they work really helped me understand things better. In our time together, Elyssa's helped me learn to recognize my complex emotions, properly identify them, and then reframe my mindset in a more meaningful and productive way. More importantly, she's taught me that I am fully in control of my own life. Working with her has given me the ability to navigate several difficult situations over the past year in a completely different way than I would have before. I'm happier now than I have ever been, and I couldn't be more grateful for the things she's  taught me!

-Cassandra B.

Sr. Marketing Analyst

Oxford, MA

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